The freshness and elegance of Lin Delavé III collection


Jagger: stone-washed linen fabric, of great elegance and pleasant finish.

Dylan: washed linen fabric, available in the colors that the Earth offers us. Medium texture, it is ideal for upholstery, curtains, cushions and accessories.

AOIRO, a breath of fresh air

Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig are artists of the air and atmosphere. With their olfactory design studio AOIRO, which is between perfumery and aromatherapy, they create custom aromas for spaces. This year they celebrate their tenth anniversary as AOIRO; a name that translates as “the color blue” in Japanese.

Why is our olfactory ability considered less important than sight, hearing, taste and touch? The aroma is able to revive full memories from the depths of our unconscious. In fact, science confirms that the smell evokes more emotional memories than any other sensory experience.

According to AIORO, fragance is a powerful element of identity. They have created aromas for the boutiques of Cartier, Liganova, for the Fashion Week of Berlin, the Oper Lepizig, the Salzburgo Festival, the Interior Design Bienale in Kortrijk, Muun, Designhotels and Bang&Olufsen. They believe that fragances are an integral part of the design of spaces.

septimoThe freshness and elegance of Lin Delavé III collection