Stone Washed Linen Collection


Belgian linen is the king of this collection, Stone Washed Linen, in which we have compiled an impressive selection of natural stone-washed fabrics. We present a total of 70 references, of which 11 are primitive, available in a wide range of colors and textures.



Design that imitates stone


The Swedish designer Kajsa Melchior’s “Fictive Erosion” series is a collection of furniture and lighting pieces sculpted in Albastro in sand that has been exposed to forces such as wind and water, and to the pressure created by the human body.



The concept is based on a vision of an idealistic future where machine manufacturing is prohibited for the sake of preserving the earth’s resources. We love this concept, hopefully one day we will succeed.



Her method is totally experimental, resulting in a collection made up of unique pieces, inviting us to reflect that perfection should not be the goal, and that when taking natural processes into account, we can consider new ways of producing.


septimoStone Washed Linen Collection