Smoky: cloudy and vintage tones


Smoky is composed of two fabrics with a vintage look: Foggy and Misty. As it is evident from its names, this collection presents a cold, foggy and cloudy palette. This neutral range of colours -habitual in Les Créations de la Maison– is expressed with the coordination between both fabrics. In one hand, Foggy is a plain cotton with a oldish look and a subtle bicolour effect. On the other hand, Misty has a spongy appearance that convert it in an easy-going and nicely irregular fabric.


This is what inspires it.

Smoky as a masterpiece

“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich. Very few painters as the romantics captured the beauty of the clouds, the brumes and vapor. And very few portrayed this cold and introspective atmosphere so masterfully as Caspar David Friedrich.

El caminante_Caspar David Friedrich

Smoky as a song

“Hoppípolla” by Sigur Rós. The embassadors of Irish pop music know how to resume winter, the fogs and the nordic minimalism as no one else does. In a way, their electronic and melancholic melodies achieve something very similar to Misty: they are warm despite their neutral colour palette.

Smoky as a film

“Nothing Personal” by Urscula Antoniak is a love story between two irreconcilable personalities set in a rainy Ireland. The combination between the irregular touch of Misty and Foggy’s bicolour effect will surprise more than one.

Nada Personal_Urszula Antoniak

Smoky as a city

Reykjavik, Iceland. Half way between Europe and America there is an indomitable land plenty of geysers, volcanoes, thermal waters and endless meadows. In such a place, mystery doesn’t have the bright colors of a jungle; but the tones of the sea, the sky and the ice.



septimoSmoky: cloudy and vintage tones