Paisley, Shetland y Cottony: natural elegance


Three fabrics which can be combined in many ways to create really different athmospheres out of organic colors and natural materials. Paisley is a cotton jacquard with an elegant and discret chasmere pattern; Shetland is an elegant lace curtain in wool, linen and viscose with doubled width, and Cottony a double sided lighthearted cotton in organic colors, ideal as bedsheet or as curtain.





Paisley, Shetland y Cottonier according to a work of art
The disasters of war by Francisco de Goya. Light, dark and printmaking were enough for this master to portray complex situations. While any of the fabrics in this book can bring in a natural and discret touch, coordinating them can uplift the elegance of any place.



Paisley, Shetland y Cottony according to a song
Bob Dylan The times they are a changin. Despite being a genius, Dylan’s craft was just the product of a unique sensitivity and vision. A guitar, a mouthorgan and his voice are enough for his songs to reach everywhere. In a certain way, our book is the same: with only three different fabrics, any room in the house can become wonderful.

Paisley, Shetland y Cottony according to a film
Jules et Jim by François Truffaut. A love triangle portrayed with personality and sensitivity. In a certain way, Paisley, Shetland and Cottony are like the nouvelle vague: they prove that elegance can also be totally natural.

Paisley, Shetland y Cottony according to a city
Hyderabad, India. One of the historic places in India has become the country’s Silicon Valley while keeping their essence: the narrow streets and the patterns of cashemere. Paisley, Shetland and Cottony can be part of classic athmospehres or contemporary ones. Everything depends on the combination.


What do Paisley, Shetland and Cottony inspire you?

septimoPaisley, Shetland y Cottony: natural elegance