Natural Contract, pure naturalness


A collection comprised of resistant flame-retardant fabrics, presented in a wide variety of textures with a natural look. It is available in an elegant range of neutral tones, which includes whites, beiges and greys.




Cassie: a technical fireproof fabric, ideal to use for upholstery for intensive use.

Cathy: a flame-retardant sheer fabric, 290 cm wide, that subtly filters light. Ideal to use for curtains and drapes.

Chiara: a braided PU leather with a velvety feel, which gives any space an elegant and trendy look. Ideal for upholstery use.

Christine: a very versatile faux leather, 300 cm wide. flame-retardant and resistant, it is ideal for all kinds of decorative applications.

Claire: an elegant microfibre fabric that will give a unique and sophisticated touch to settings. It is flame-retardant and it has a width of 290 cm, which makes it ideal for curtains, as well as for upholstery.

Clarisse: a timeless flame-retardant sheer, 300 cm wide, with a bicolour stripe design. Ideal for drapes.

Claude: an opaque fabric, with a speckled design. Its 290 cm width and its high resistance make it ideal to use for blackout curtains.

Cupra: a flame-retardant faux leather multi-fabric, with a very attractive thick texture and excellent durability (75,000 Martindale cycles). Available in 5 colours.

Fox FR: a flame-retardant fabric, available in 7 colours, with a texture that has an interesting dyed thread effect. Ideal for upholstering and decorating any setting thanks to its versatility and resistance.

Joop FR: a versatile and resistant flame-retardant fabric with a textured design and veined effect. Ideal for upholstery and curtains. Available in 4 colours.

Lío FR: an elegant flame-retardant linen look lace curtain fabric, 300 cm wide, which transmits a high volume sensation. Available in 9 deep colours that create a dramatic effect.

Luigi FR: a multi-use flame-retardant fabric, offered in a versatile range of colours to coordinate perfectly with other elements.

Maglia: a flame-retardant sheer, 300 cm wide, chiffon backdrop style and bicolour. Available in a range of 3 colours.

Munbay: a double width flame-retardant sheer with a rustic linen look.

Oban: a flame-retardant fabric with a multi-colour herringbone design. Its exceptional resistance (80.000 Martindale cycles) makes it an ideal product for all kinds of decorative uses.

Odin: an artificial faux leather with an original design that contrasts warp and weft colours. Its resistance makes it ideal for upholstery, drapes and other decorative uses.

Theron: a wool look fabric, which plays with a flecked effect. Its resistance and versatility make it a multi-use product.

Feathers that look like fabrics

Natural Contract‘s wide variety of textures, versatility and resistance reminds us of the photographic series ‘Birds’ where the German photographer, Thomas Lohr, captured the textures of feathers of 80 different species of birds with his camera and without any edition or added retouching. The photographs are pure portraits of animal beauty, where the close-ups become.








septimoNatural Contract, pure naturalness