Stop plastic by Mucha Tela Project



A few weeks ago we talked in this post about the project Mucha Tela by Les Créations de la Maison. For those who could not read it, it is a project with which we want to contribute to preserve the planet, specifically, the sea. By helping with the cleaning of the waste in our coasts we compensate our use of our resources and to take advantage of the possible damage by the quantity of garbage generated by the human being.



But we also want to encourage you too to stop consuming plastic. According to experts, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish (by weight), we must act all NOW. The disposable plastic, which uses media for 5 minutes, ends up in the sea forever. Let us be aware of the terrible threat it poses to marine life.


Turtles confuse plastic bags with jellyfish, their favorite food.


Plastic ends up in the stomachs of many birds that die of starvation.


Some tips to reduce your plastic consumption


Use a reusable bag for your purchases. Say no to plastic bags once and for all.


Use no straws. Try the reusable straws made of inox or bamboo.


Wear a reusable bottle always with you. Don’t accept drinks served in plastic cups, ask waiters to serve them in your own reusable bottle.


Buy biodegradable toothbrushes. There are made of bamboo or wood and are equally effective and non-polluting.


Say no to plastic cutlery. Remember to take a set of cutlery when you eat at work.


Avoid all products packed in plastic. Nowadays there are more and more supermarkets that sell food and cleaning products in bulk, a much more sustainable alternative.

septimoStop plastic by Mucha Tela Project