Meet the Sartorial Look of the season


Bond street: Inspired by one of the genuine designs of the male and now also female tailoring, this Prince of Wales box is presented, woven in an elegant quality of linen, cotton and viscose very resistant and ideal for upholstery.

It is available in attractive and innovative color combinations and can be easily coordinated with the Ascot article.

Ascot: elegant fabric of lush texture made with a unique bouclé linen warp, hatched with different colors in strong contrast such as green, blue or black, with a result of five suggestive color combinations.

It responds to one of the market trends, where thick textures and bouclé relief is being imposed, and coordinates perfectly with Corfu, a large plain of Les Creations, which is now presented again.


We present Scott Schuman,
aka The Sartorialist



For any connoisseur of the fashion world, Scott Schuman needs no introduction. But for those who do not know it, we must present it as one of the precursors of street style photography. In 2005 he created The Sartorialist, a fashion blog in which he portrayed well-dressed people he found spontaneously all over the world. Thanks to his website, he became the reference fashion blogger and the documentary maker of the big fashion events.

“That set a precedent, and many of the blogs that came later just wanted to exploit the business and make money. That results in not having a real point of view. Those of us who started first were worried about fashion, we had something more than integrity because we didn’t know if that was going to be a profitable business.”




Scott was born in 1967 in Indianapolis, United States. He started in street fashion photography by chance. He worked in sales and marketing, but decided to quit his job to take care of his daughter. Since then, he began to carry his camera always with him to photograph the innate elegance of anonymous characters who strolled the streets of New York—city where he resides.



His blog served to show the world that style is wore inside. Now he finds on Instagram a new channel to promote his work, which has more than one million followers.

“It seems that the pulse of fashion is taken today in this social network. There are the stars of cinema, music and television, who never paid much attention to blogs, but now have a huge influence. Although in the digital age, as in fashion, trends are passing.”



For a few years he has been traveling in cities that are very different from what we understand by fashion. In fact, in September 2020, he will launch his fourth photographic book where he portrays anonymous characters in his travels in India and with which he intends to say goodbye to that role of fashion hunter with which many have associated him.

In his third book, The Sartorialist: India, Scott Schuman already talked about his travels and his love for Indian clothing.

septimoMeet the Sartorial Look of the season