Leaves Collection


Leaves is an attractive jacquard fabric that combines velvet and épinglé with exquisite elegance, in a delicate range of very subtle two-color combinations. We are committed to the biophilic trend, with a beautiful leaf design that undoubtedly reminds us of nature, so always present in our inspiration. A glamorous, high-quality fabric specially targeted for upholstery use.

Momijigari, the art of observing the leaves

Momijigari (紅葉狩り もみじがり) is the most curious Japanese tradition of observing the autumn leaves. The word literally means “autumn leaf hunting” in Japanese. This tradition is believed to have arisen in the period Heian (794–1185) among the noble and cultured classes of the time.

The river Oirase in its river walk surrounded by trees offers in these months a wide variety of colors and shapes

The main protagonist during the Momijigari is the Japanese maple, accompanied by other deciduous trees such as the maple (or maple), the Japanese beech (buna) and the ginkgo (culandrillo tree). They are the great attraction for many visitors who come to parks, gardens and mountains to witness this beautiful spectacle of nature.

Chuzenji-ko Lake in Tochigi

The process of leaf color change begins in northern Japan, particularly Hokkaidō, in late September. From there, it spreads to the southern part of the country, culminating in the Kyushu area in the first weeks of December.

Jingo-ji temple in Kioto

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