Jaime Beriestain creates a collection in collaboration with Grupo Lamadrid


The new fabric collection for high decoration created by interior designer Jaime Beriestain and Grupo Lamadrid was introduced to the media yesterday.

The collection consists in 8 catalogs, each one inspired by a cromatic variation in Colombo, the single color print designed by Beriestain, featuring a geometrically and organically inspired pattern. In addition, each catalog includes fabrics by Güell-Lamadrid and Les Créations de la Maison personally curated by Jaime Beriestain in the search of color affinity to allow each catalogue to bring a sensation of peace and harmony to every ambient.

There is no doubt the common trait of the collection is eclecticism because it features elegant velvets in bold colors, stonewashed linens and even noble natural fur.

During the event celebrated at Jaime Beriestain Concept Store in Barcelona, the interior designer and Grupo Lamadrid shared with the media some details and anecdotes of the six months of common work that has taken to create a collection with a strenght beyond trends that wishes to make it easier to craft and match fabrics.











septimoJaime Beriestain creates a collection in collaboration with Grupo Lamadrid