Erico Navazo, pure balance



Erico Navazo is all style. His work is characterized by making living spaces where treasures of all periods are found, from the eighteenth century to the 50s. He makes everything to fit in a harmonious and extremely welcoming way. He confesses that he loves everyday objects, even “non-beautiful ones”, and that the secret is to know how to combine them well and find a balance so that the pieces talk to each other.



When you enter into a space of Erico Navazo you can feel that it is an honest space. There is nothing out of tune, there is nothing of “show-off”, everything is thought to transmit peace, the space invites to be shared. He gives much importance so that the space invites to celebrate long meals and welcome meetings with friends and stories to tell.





At Les Créations de la Maison we have had the pleasure of asking him some questions to get to know him and his work a little better.

LCM—How do they call you those who really love you?

EN—I have my father’s name. At home, to differentiate us, they called me “Eri”. When my father left, I was 20 years old and I became “Erico”. I’m very proud of my father’s name. People think it’s a stage name.

LCM—What is your favorite app?

EN—I do not know if it’s my favorite, but I know it’s the one that hooks me the most: Instagram. I think it’s practical for us to be able to show our work to the world and know about other people’s work.

LCM—If you were not a decorator, would you be…?

EN—Sometimes I ask myself that same question. I have put so much effort into this profession that I really could not tell you. It would be something for the public, although I am shy I like to be around people.

LCM—Tell me about a hidden paradise.

EN—…I would not… Although I like to be with people I also need my intimate moments.

LCM—An advice to those starting as decorators.

EN—Well, soak up everything, this profession must be lived intensely! Not only the technical aspects of this profession are necessary, you also have to train in other aspects related to art and culture. You never stop learning…

LCM—I have to paint my new apartment; what color would you advise me?

EN—Warm colors: nude, brick… It depends on so many factors.

LCM—Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where do I go to have dinner?

EN—Come home and we will arrange something!

LCM—What “quote” or “motto” defines how you live life?

EN—Enjoy what you do!

LCM—Your favorite corner at home is?

EN—The kitchen, have my breakfast on a chestnut table of the nineteenth century with the light coming through the window. I consider the morning light a luxury to start the day.

LCM—Surprise us with something about your personality.

EN—I look calm, but I am absolutely not!

LCM—Do you have a pet? How is it called?

EN—I do not have, as a child we had a dog at home, it was called Can. We suffered so much his loss that we decided not to have a pet again. Today it would be very difficult for me to take care of a dog as it deserves.

LCM—What is the song that always makes you dance?

EN—So many…

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Murder On The Dancefloor

Kings Of Convenience: I’d Rather Dance With You

LCM—Tell me a deco trend that is coming and we do not know yet.

EN—They say that the trend dies when it is on the street. It is true that so many things that were rejected in a moment in the end end up being cult. Think of the terrazzo, people hated it years ago, now they are passionate about it! I think that tendencies are linked to the unration love/hate towards things. It’s not fair.

LCM—Unspeakable mania.

Very confessable that I am extremely orderly.

septimoErico Navazo, pure balance