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Following the fur trend, we present Furious, a new version of the bestseller New Fur, a classic in Les Créations de la Maison. Once again, it presents a palette of natural colors, with a pleasant touch and softness difficult to improve.

The naturalist capable of teaching the world to love animals

A collection like Furious, made with faux fur, asks for an article with a special sensitivity to animals. And if we talk about a person especially sensitive to nature, we speak of Sir David Attenborough, the British naturalist, scientist and activist who has managed to transmit his love for nature to the whole world. Millions of people have seen the documentaries about life on Earth that he has written, presented or narrated with his unmistakable voice.

David Attenborough was born in 1926 in Isleworth, on the outskirts of London, 17 days after Queen Elizabeth II, the current British monarch, who awarded him the honorary title of “Sir” in recognition of his contribution to the communications.

As a child, David was already an avid collector of fossils and living specimens. He graduated in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and, later in 1952, he began working at the BBC. His first programs on animals date from the 1950s, but his first big success was the Life on Earth series.

One of the most famous moments of Life on Earth was the meeting between Attenborough and a group of mountain gorillas in Rwanda. In fact, according to a poll of the 100 most famous moments on British TV, the encounter with the gorillas ranked at number 12, surpassing in popularity the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

In recent years, as an expert scientist and connoisseur of life and natural phenomena, Attenborough became a fervent activist against climate change, participating in global forums and summits on the subject, and trying to get his philosophy to the youngest.

Now, 94 years old and with more than 60 years of experience discovering every continent, exploring the wildest places in the world and documenting wildlife in all its varieties and wonders, he premieres his new project A life in our planet (A life on our planet). A passionate documentary where he covers his career as a disseminator and alerts the world on the consequences of climate change.

“Every breath of air, every bite of food comes from nature. And if we damage her, we will be hurting ourselves.”

David Attenborough

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