These curtains from Les Créations de la Maison are twice as versatile


We present a selection of curtains with double width perfect for any stay. Different subtle and fresh options to accompany your summer days.



Different smooth double-sided cotton with wide vertical stripes of the most versatile. Its natural pastel colors can give an air of both bed linen and curtains.


We love basics. A collection in 100% natural linen, double width and washed stone. Minimalist, delicate and high quality.


Elegant three-meter-wide curtain and woven in 100% linen. Enjoy the elegance of linen without additives in three colors.


It is a curtain with a wide rapport with a design of an elegant strip of color in double cloth. A fine 100% linen curtain, three meters wide and with a very modern finish. Enjoy the elegance of linen without additives.


Fabric curtain with the great elegance of 100% linen in three traditional colors, linen, raw and white.

Washed linen

Casual linen fabrics washed in double width. Betting on its range of natural colors of blues, grays and earth tones; and break molds with the mallow. Ideal for curtains and beds.


100% linen ideal for curtains. Available in a beautiful range of natural colors and lands. With a finish and a fantastic fall ideal for dressing the most select windows.


This curtain in double width of composition wool, linen and viscose is very elegant to the eye thanks to the shade that acquires light when passing. That elegance finds continuity in a natural and pleasant touch, which also coordinates perfectly with Cottony.


Chema Madoz, the king of double meanings

Chema Madoz, artist and conceptual photographer. He was born in Madrid in 1958. Chema began his career as a photographic artist and in a very short time developed a style that gave each of his works a unique and personal stamp.



His creations are simple and technically perfect images, authentic visual poems. With them, he transmits powerful and meaningful messages that invite us to take a second look. And he doesn’t choose black and white randomly, color would distract attention and detract from the work. His whites, blacks and grays give greater intensity to the image and the message, irony or metaphor, is clear and direct, reaching the viewer with greater force.




His images are so incredible that we could think that he edits them digitally. However, everything he photographs is done by his own hands. His studio is full of objects that he collects and saves to create his works: “Objects surround me in my studio, I store them. Many times preserved as they have been photographed and others as recyclable work material. It is impressive the load that objects have, how they are something to which we endow with that evocative capacity. We relate them with moments of our life, with people, with ideas. For me that was the discovery at the time of starting to work with them. I remember that once I found a badge that I had worn at school, I was impressed how he moved me to my classmates, to the desk … ”




In addition, it continues working in analogical format because it is what gives to his works that character of truth that he needs, where the manipulation can be authentic and establish another link with reality.



His visual poetry invites us to think and moves us all, albeit at different levels.


septimoThese curtains from Les Créations de la Maison are twice as versatile