Brindisi collection


We present a magnificent compilation of our bestsellers of 100% linen curtains. It is available in a palette of natural colors and in which the novelty is the Brindisi fabric.

Brindisi (fabric): our new 100% linen sheer with an original irregular texture and with a spectacular soft, ductile and light hand. It maintains the noble part of linen, mixed with the lightness and transparency of the highest quality curtains. It comes in ecru and stone.



Nature turned into a house

That’s what NI.acki’s creatives Charlotte Taylor and Nicholas Préaud came up with, imagining what a house integrated into the Brazilian jungle would look like. ‘Casa Atibaia’ is a representation of a delicately suspended modernist house, defined by gentle curves and completely enveloped by spectacular views of the São Paulo forests and built on the banks of the Atibia River.



It is a fictitious experiment that seeks to embody the feeling of living inside with the illusion of being outside thanks to a large glass pane subtly covered with linen curtains so as not to lose the impressive views. The designer duo describe the project as a tribute to Brazilian modernism, directly inspired by the “Casa de Vidro”, also known as “Casa de Cristal”, by architect Lina Bo Bardi.




Following modernist geometric principles, the structure comprises a volume of concrete and white glass, with ramps that revolve around a central tree. The house is gently elevated by boulders that protrude from the ground and act as natural pillars. The pre-existing rocks also extend inland, with spaces carved into their shapes.


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