Blackouts FR Collection


Wonderful collection of 4 Blackout FR fabrics, where the main design is our Coco FR. All are available in natural colours.

COCO FR: Coco is the name of this double width, FR and Blackout fabric. It presents a small herringbone pattern, giving it a semi plain effect. Available in 6 natural colours.

TAR FR: Blackout FR fabric, made of 90% Polyester FR / 10% Pan-acrylic, with a heathered effect on a texturised base. Available in 3 colours: white, beige and grey.

SHADOW FR: Plain FR fabric, 100% Polyester FR. Available in 4 colours.

CLAUDE FR: “Look and feel” linen fabric, available in 4 natural colours.

Photography that transports us to the origin of the Earth

The earthly colors of the Blackouts FR collection, its neutrality and serenity invite us to go back to a bygone era, a time where the Earth was not invaded by extensive civilizations. A calm and silent planet. And when we think of our planet in that way, we remember the photographs of Luca Tombolini, originally from Milan, and specifically his series “LS X” where he presents a collection of views of the mountains and extensive desert environments.

Tombolini is especially drawn to the symbolism of photography, recognizing its ability to compress moments. “I found photography particularly efficient in making considerations about time, either when it clearly stops it or on the contrary when it gives the impression of compressing time as if the moment represented in the photo could have existed forever.” Thanks to the wonderful power of stopping time, photography has great existential significance for Tombolini.

The ‘LS X’ images invite you to observe vast and complex landscapes, which have existed since the beginning of time. “No other place is so useful to make that mental shift necessary to try to investigate beyond our limited life.”—says Tombolini.

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